About Us :

Our bussiness was established in the year 1969. We are supplier and distributor of various products such as: construction machinerys,Centring materail ,Electrical tower erection ,Agro Shed nets Tarpaulins, Ropes & Slings, Lifting Equipments, Safety Equipments,Hand Tools, Bitumen expansion joint,Civil lab equipments, We are channel partners of many big companies in the field of all types of Quality hardware materials. Our Aim is to provide best quality products at affordable price and always give client best Value for money.

We Supply material to various sectors like Construction sector ,, industrial lifting sector, Agriculture sector We are an organization built under the roof of quality and quantity. Due to our prime focus on quality and quantity, we have become a preferred name ans creating a new level of confidence among our clients. We have a team of experienced professionals who work round the clock to fulfill the clients requirements in a minimum time gap. Through continuous support of precise work and regular check up, our products successfully stands on the parameters of durability and strength.

Our Projects :

We are supplying all hardware products in Aurangabad and out of Aurangabad for various projects such as :

   ♦  Infrastructural Projects
   ♦  Road construction projects
   ♦  IT park projects
   ♦  Industrial Construction Projects
   ♦  Sugar Factory Projects
   ♦  Irrigation projects
   ♦  Dam projects
   ♦  Canal lining projects
   ♦  Electrical tower erection projects
   ♦  Barrages projects

  We are Suppling Material for:

  •  ♦  Infrastructural Projects
  •  ♦  Road Construction Projects
  •  ♦  Fly Over Projects
  •  ♦  Electrical Tower Errection Projects
  •  ♦  industrial Construction Projects
  •  ♦  Government Building Projects
  •  ♦  Sugar Factory Projects
  •  ♦  Irrigation Projects
  •  ♦  Dam Projects
  •  ♦  Canal Lining Projects
  •  ♦  Barrage Projects
  •  ♦  I T Park Projects